Valerio Scanu -  Biography

Year 1993 :

In fact Valerio shows from an early age a strong personality, a determined character and a clearinclination for singing imbued with a passion for the great voices of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston,Giorgia and Alex Baroni. At a tender age of three years, Valerio asks his mother for a true microphonebecause he wants to sing, as a big singer.

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Year 1998 :

At the age of 8 years he sang for the very first time in front of a real audience, in the main square at this home town (La Maddalena),during the organisation for the "Feast of Trinity" has charmed everyone when suddenly, plucking up courage, picked up the microphone and began to sing the song of the legendary Celine Dion "My heart will go on", soundtrabk of the film Titanic.

Year 1999 :
At the age of 9 years he won the Summer Baby Festival "Festival Moneta" at his hometown (La Maddalena) where he sang thesong of his idol Whitney Houston  "One Moment In Time. During this festival he won his very first Trophy. 

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Year 2000 :
Participates in the Festival "Canzoni sotto l'albero", his very first TV appearance, broadcast on Canale 5 and hosted by Paola Perego.During this occassion Valerio sung the track "La Bella e La Bestia", duet with an 8 year old girl. He ranked third in this festival.

Years 2001 - 2007 :
From the age of eleven through to seventeen, during the 4 summer months, Valerio worked at the piano bar entertaining touristsof all nationalities with his voice, singing in English and French, covering also the classical repertoire ranging from  Neapolitan dialect to the Sardinian.

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Year 2002 :
Participated in the TV program "Bravo Bravissimo" presented by the late Mike Bongiorno,and won the first prize.

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In the end of the same year he also participated in the musical event "Note di Natale". 

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Year 2004 :
Valerio, at the age of fourteen took part in the musical challenge "Sfida fra le note" at La Maddalena and sings "Leggero va".

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Year 2007 :

Still a minor, Valerio participated in various auditions, including the French version of "American Idol",the musical by Riccardo Cocciante "Romeo and Juliet", and "X-Factor". Also, at the tender age ofseventeen, he participated in the Theatrical representation of the "Notre Damme de Paris"performed in his hometown, La Maddalena. Valerio acted the part of the singer 'Gregoire'.


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* LUNA                                      

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Year 2008 :
Much younger than all the other competitors, with the age of majority Valerio exceeds eight selections and enters as a student in the School of Talent "Amici" by Maria De Filippi where he arrives to the final night, finishing with a secondplace in ranking despite being for five months the top favorite student of the public audience. These are some of the performance of Valerio within the School:

Video :     - If you don't know me by now

Video :     - Home

Video :     - That's what friends are for

Video :     - Listen

​Despite these undoubted vocal and artistic talent in a boy of only 18 years, for Valeriolife within the School was not always easy.​    

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There were those who attacked and who defended him:

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March 2009 :
Valerio signed his first recording contract, a five-year agreement, with EMI Music. These first steps as a professionalled him to the creation and release (on the day of his 19th birthday) the first EP "Sentimento" (which obtained theplatinum record) preceded by the single holding the same name that leaped immediately to the top ofthe downloads classification. Following all this is a tour of great success with more than fifty stages.

Video :    - Sentimento

16th October 2009 :
With the collaboration of producer Charlie Rapino, Valerio published his eponymous album "Valerio Scanu"

which debuted at rank number four in the classification for sales, abundantly exceeding the target for the

Gold Record (source: GFK).  Two months later this album was re-issued at Christmas time with the title

"Valerio Scanu ~ Christmas Edition".

14-20th February 2010 :
WON the sixtieth edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, the most important song festival of Italianmusic in the world. Valerio participated in the Big Artists section and won with 71% jury approval thesixtieth edition of the Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Per tutte le volte che"written for him by P. Carone.

​Right for this very important occasion, the album "Per tutte le volte che" was released, whichalbum contained nine tracks recorded between Italy and London, scaling the charts and winning theGold Record (source: GFK). Meanwhile the single "Per tutte le volte che" obtained the Digital DownloadPlatinum Record with over 40,000 downloads. From the album two more singles were extracted, 'Credi in me" and "Indissolubile."

​Following all this is a amazing tour "In Tutti I Luoghi Tour", from April 2010 throughout the whole summer,

saw Valerio reach his fans far and wide across all the country.

The Lyceum :
Whilst working hard Valerio never ceased to study, earned a scientific degree and enrolledin the first year of the Faculty of Humanities (specializing in music).

8th May 2010 :
Appearing as guest at the TRL Awards 2010 he won the "TRL My Best Video"

for the video "Per tutte le volte che" and was alsonominated in the category "MTV Man of the Year".

15th May 2010 :

Valerio, at the "International Book Salon", presented his biography "Quando parlano di me", which was officially released for sale five days later.

Book :

20th May 2010 :

Valerio's first autobiography "Quando parlano di me" was released for sale, published by Aliberti Editore.

Book :

28-29 May 2010 :
At the Wind Music Awards 2010 Valerio received three awards, two as "CD Gold Award" for the albums

"Valerio Scanu" and "Per tutte le volte che," and another  as "Online Single Track Platinum"this time for the single "Per tutte le volte che".

29th September 2010 :
Participated in the event "O'Scià" organized by singer Claudio Baglioni.

Video :     - "E tu" with Claudio Baglioni

9th November 2010 :
Release of the new recording project, the album "Parto da qui". The album which was preceded

by the single "Mio" made its debut in the pre-order sales of iTunes and was awarded the first

ranking place of the best selling records on the digital store.
Video :​     - Mio

23rd November 2010 :

c / o 'Eleven Club Milano' Valerio holds an exclusive acoustic performance on piano & guitar and voice for the "Corriere Tv Night" to introduce his latest album.

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20th January 2011 :

Release of the second single "L'amore Cambia", extracted from the album "Parto da qui'.

Video :     - L'Amore Cambia

14th February 2011 :
"Love Show" - In occasion of St. Valentine's Day, from the local discotheque 'Hollywood of Milan'

and in front of a restricted audience by invitation only, Valerio held a concert / a special event that

was broadcast live in more than 120 movie theaters scattered throughout the country.

​​Video :   - L'Amore Cambia

​March 2011 :
The tour, which takes it name from the album "Parto da qui" is launched with a Sold Out at the "Blue Note" in Milan on 1st and 2nd  March.​Tour continued with another Sold Out at the "Auditorium Parco della Musica" in Rome on the 12th March.Also worth remembering the two Sold Out in two consecutive nights at the Teatro Sannazaro of Naples on 6th and 7th May,just to mention some of the most important stages of this tour.

​15th April 2011 :
The new single "Due Stelle" is released, the Italian version of "Chances", which anticipates the release

of a re-issue of the Album "Parto da qui". The re-issue is entitled "Parto da qui - Tour Edition" which

includes, in addition to the tracks released in November , the latter unreleased song "Due Stelle"

and a bonus DVD Live from the "LOVE SHOW" held in February.
Video :     - Due Stelle

17th June 2011 :
The Sardinian singer, guest at the "Catholic University of the Sacred Heart" in Rome, made ​​a special appearanceat the Auditorium located in Largo Francesco Vito 1 inside the University complex. For the occasion, Valeriohad received an award for his "artistic value" which was presented to him by the Rector of the University.Not only, during the day he also had the opportunity to perform some of his most famous songs.

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2nd and 3rd July 2011 :
Valerio holds two concerts in two consecutive nights at Toronto in Canada, two important events during which he performsbefore a vast public over 25,000 attendences of Italian-Canadian community and not only. It's during these days in Canadathat the album "Parto da qui - Tour Edition"obtains the Gold Record. (source: GFK).

19th August 2011 :

In his own homeland "La Maddalena" Valerio held a memorable concert for a thousand reasons,

in front of 8000 people from all nationalities.

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9th November 2011 :
Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, on the occasion of the "Braille Award 2011", Valerio performed with the winning song of Sanremo 2010, and also performed the cover
of Stevie Wonder "All in love is fair" receiving the compliments from  the Americansinger Amii Stewart.

Video :     - All in love is fair

6th January 2012 :
Guest at the "Epiphany Concert" at the Mediterranean theater of Naples, in which Valerio performs

with two covers (Hallelujah and All in love is fair), accompanied by the Orchestra of Santa Chiara, he received

acclaim from both theaudience and his supporters.
Video :      - All in love is fair
Video :     - Hallelujah

14th March 2012 :
Show case at the "Gattopardo Café" in Milan during which Valerio exclusively presented some

tracks from his new album "Cosi Diverso".

​Video :     - Showcase

20th March 2012 :
Release of the newest album "Cosi Diverso", which album is preceeded by the single "Amami".

Video :     - AMAMI

April - May 2012 :
Valerio takes part in the TV Show "Amici Big" as one of nine big stars in competition.

Video -     - Dicitencello Vuje

Video -     - Amami

Video -     - Total Eclipse of the heart

Video -      - Per tutte le volte che
Video -     - Libera mente

7th June 2012 :
The "Cosi Diverso Tour 2012" kicked-off with stage 0 at Giaveno (Turin) then extended throughout the Italian country and not only,
with Tour stages in Liège (Belgium) and Lugano (Switzerland). Many summer tour stages, in open spaces, where Valerio obtainsexceptional acknowledgments from a heterogeneous , vast and warm audience.

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​​29th June 2012 :
Release of the second single "Liberamente" from the newest album "Cosi Diverso"
Video :     - Libera mente

Link :     - Libera mente acoustic version (

11th July 2012 :
The cover of "All By My Self"
Thanks to a fortunate opportunity and the prestigious collaboration of Maestro Lucio Ranieri, a wellknown musical expert, Valerio makes a most welcomed gift to his devoted fan and supporters. A breathtaking performance of a 'Studio Recording', simply entrusted to a static video till now... the success of this initiative, started almost from a random encounter between these two artists on the wave of their love for music ... was immediate!
Although not published, not even advertised if not on the "Valerio Scanu Official" Facebookapplication, in a few weeks and in a totally surprising and unexpected way, the video got ashower of views and a lot of positive feedback not only from Italy but also from Europe, theUnited States, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Philippines etc ...

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11th December 2012 :

On the occasion of the 42nd Edition of the day in Europe in the "Hall Promoteca"at the Capitol (Rome) Valerio receives the award "European Personality of 2012"in the presence of personality of the State and representatives of thePress and Culture.

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​17th December 2012 :

"Valerio Scanu ... and so this is Christmas"
A Christmas concert in full-scale in the prestigious "Sala Sinopoli" of the Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome,where traditional Christmas songs alternated with the great classics of international soul and rock repertoireand of course the most successful pieces contained in his albums. No need to say that the Sala Sinopoli was fullypacked thus ensuring a SOLD OUT for this event. This special concert was an extraordinary journey through thecareer of the "Artist"... an Artist capable of stirring emotions, amaze and entertain the many fans and loyal supporters.

Playlist for whole concert :​​

​23rd January 2013 :

At the Teatro Orione in Rome, on the occasion of the event 'V International Award Free to Grow', organized by the non-profit organization Candy Good for the fight against pedophilia, Valerio Scanu, among special guests, performs in acoustic (guitar & vocals) on two tracks "Rondine" and a cover (his forte) "Listen". After the performance, Valerio, in addition to congratulations for his commitment and the study undertaken to improve his vocal talent, and availability to participate in initiatives in favor of children from an early age, he received from the President of the association, the international prize as "Artist supporter of La Caramella Buona," a sculpture with a symbolic shape of a sweet.

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​​25 February 2013 :

From the theater Elf Puccini (Milan), after a brief meeting with the press and some fans, kicks-off the new "Live in Acoustic Theater Tour" with a stage set design deliberately minimalist, because, as explained Valerio, there had to be only three important elements: "My music, me, and you". Tour to proceed with stages at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, and "Palazzetto Fevi" in Locarno (Switzerland).

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​​​​11 June 2013 :

​NATY LOVE YOU (brand new recording label, created and registered by Valerio Scanu) publishes "Valerio Scanu LIVE IN ROMA" a live cd + dvd (standard and limited edition)taken and from Concert "And So This Is Christmas", a mega sold out concert whichtook place on the 17th December 2012.

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29th June 2013 : ​
The "Live in Acoustic Summer Tour" kicks-off with stage 0 at Area Palabaleno" - Parco Rainbow Magicland - Valmontone (Rome) then extends throughout the Italian country. 

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28th September 2013 : 

Welcomed as a big star, with TV cameras, since his arrival at the airport, Valerio, with his dazzling smile,

translucent black pants, white shirt and hair in a simple tail giving him that Latin charm, went up on stage

anticipated by the words of praise of the presenter and welcomed by a warm and prolonged applause of

the audience, including some fans from Italy.Excited but obviously satisfied and happy, Valerio Scanu

performed in the prestigious setting such as that of Mediterraneam Conference Center, LIVE/ unplugged

on stage, an extract of his "Live in ACOUSTIC" Tour during the final night of Miss Malta accompanied by

Martino Onorato, musical director and pianist of his band.

Video playlist :

01st October 2013 :

A weekly appointment (lasting for thirteen weeks) with Valerio Scanu, every Tuesday on YouTube, a direct line withall of his fans and followers, a new adventure together. Kick-off : 1st OCTOBER 2013 !!!

"In Italy, until now, no artist had ever ventured in something like this though this phenomenonis well known to many. "It will allow me to have a direct line with all of you, "he said.

Playlist :

15th December 2013 :

On this day, the second Christmas Concert titled "Valerio Scanu... It's Xmas Day" took place at "Sala Sinopoli" in AuditoriumParco Della Musica in Rome. Yet again, this concert was another success priding another SOLD-OUT. A two hourconcert during which Valerio presented his public a variety of English language Christmas themed songs.

Four guests duetted with Valerio on stage, namely Lisa Paneta, Antonino Spadacino, Kykah, and ___ ___.

A is reciprocal Christams gift that Valerio and fans give to each other, an occassionwhich is bound to be a fixed yearly appointmet!!

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28th January 2014 :

Lasciami entrare is the fifth album of the Italian singer Valerio Scanu, published on January 28 by NatyLoveYou.The album was preceded by the single "Sui nostri passi" released on January 7, 2014. A week later even thevideoclip was released. The album contains 11 tracks, two of which are in English Sometimes Love and Aloneand the rest in Italian. A 12th song "Parole di cristallo" in acustic version is available only with the digital album download.After contract termination with recording label Emi Music Italy and the creation of his own label NatyLoveYou,he is now more in control of his artistic life and free to express deepest feelings also by undertaking a new path,that of songwriter. In this album we see Valerio Scanu in the roles of singer, lyrics writer and also producer.